Linked List for 20 July 2014

If you (like me) use the built-in Mac OSX dictionary to look up words every day, you’ll particularly appreciate this thoughtful piece by James Somers about how you’re probably using the wrong dictionary

Ran across this great piece on writing cover letters the other day. I’m not currently looking for new gigs, but it’s great for those who are.

Wonderful but painful piece in Guernica Magazine by Rachel Riederer about the “adjunctivization” of teaching at the University and the decline of the middle-class educator.

Interesting but brief piece by Ray Fisman in Slate about the history of Sweden’s (mostly failing) experiment with voucher school choice.

Fascinating and all-too-brief account by Yasmine Seale on the London Review of Books blog about George Costakis, a Soviet collector of Futurist and Suprematist artwork that he bequeathed to the Tretyakov gallery in Moscow and the State Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Interesting etymology of weirdness from Erik Davis in BoingBoing.

Several people have been buzzing about the recent arrest of Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi for distributing 3D modeling data of her vagina. I first read the story on a Spoon & Tamago post.

I don’t often read CNet, but I appreciated their piece by Daniel Terdiman about NASA’s development of tortilla’s and continuous drive for more efficient and space-friendly foods.

A great pinterest board by Carly Ayres called "This Makes Me Uncomfortable" via swissmiss

Because I’m interested in the publishing industry, I’ve been following the ongoing battle between Amazon and book publishers pretty closely. David Streitfield’s recent article in the New York Times speaks to the advantages and disadvantages for authors in particular of Amazon’s model. Great painting of Amazon as dangerous, and wonderful illustration by David Plunkert.


David Johns posted a hilarious advertisement for his used Holden Barina (a subcompact made by the Australian arm of GM) with help from Chimney Group. It’s done in the style of an action movie/extremely high-end sports car, and well-worth a watch.

If you love pizza and laziness as much as I do, you’re sure to appreciate this brief documentary about Crazy Bill, a mountain-man delivering pizza by fixie in Brooklyn. By No Weather Productions.

If you like bread and butter at restaurants (who doesn’t?) then you will appreciate this brief documentary about Dan Richer’s Razza Pizza Artiginale, where the butter is cultured and the bread is rustic. Yumm.

Interesting trailer for “Las Libres,” a film about women in Mexico who seek out abortions are are punished for murder. Looks like there is also some analysis about American access to abortion rights.

Link List for 19 July 14

First up is a bit of a long read, but definitely worth it on the comparative history of Dominos and Little Caesars Pizza chains from Bloomberg Businessweek.

The Bold Italic published a series of interviews with SRO (Single Resident Occupancy) tenants that is poignant and sad and a little callously written but an interesting portrait.

There’s an interesting piece in The Guardian interviewing Alain Badiou, a philosopher whose work I had run-ins with in my time as a graduate student. He meditates on Love, which is something I always find interesting.

A haunting story from VICE about a sex worker becoming a de-facto activist after being kidnapped and assaulted by police in Rio de Janeiro.

Links Update 09 July 14

I don’t know how I stumbled across Shanley Kane’s amazing Twitter feed, but I love reading her (often angry, vitriolic) tweets and especially the background from the recent bio and profile of her on Medium.

Many of you know I used to study Queer and Affect theory and the recent dossier covering Elizabeth Freeman’s Time Binds in new issue of Social Text has some amazing and tantalizing morsels about the theme of positive queer affect. This is especially interesting to me in light of the recent furor over Jack Halberstam’s Bullyblogger piece, which frames trigger warnings and safe spaces as neoliberal.

If you find the Halberstam piece interesting, you also owe it to yourself to read the rebuttal from Katherine Cross on Feministing. Monty Python fans will be richly rewarded.

And of course, Tyra Banks has a prophetic op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.

Shrink PDFs Without Compromising Quality

One of the issues that I constantly face at work is reducing the size of PDFs. The implementation of the Quartz filter of “Reduce PDF File Size” has always been awful because it rendered full-sized documents illegible. This site offers a great work around via altering the filter itself, which is located in: /System/Library/Filters

I suggest changing Compression Quality to 0.5 and ImageSizeMax to 1684, but the article offers other options for different levels of quality.